Sponsored Projects

Welcome to the world of Sponsored Projects! This Handbook is intended to be a guide to Santa Fe College faculty and staff as they work to accomplish their goals and objectives. The Santa Fe College Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) assists Project Directors throughout the process, which begins with identifying sources of grant funding and writing a grant proposal. The SPO is also involved in the grant submission process. Once a grant has been awarded, the staff of the SPO provides support with the management and implementation of all grant award documents.

The guidelines in this Handbook are provided to increase the success of the endeavor and minimize any difficulties encountered as the legally binding grant contract is implemented. The SPO, Divisional Administration, and the College Office for Finance will assist Project Directors throughout the grant project experience.

This Handbook is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it intended as a substitute to the Rules and Procedures of Santa Fe College or the terms of the grant. The terms of the grant contain the specific laws and rules that must be followed for each grant project. These laws, rules, and regulations are specific to the funding agency and the grant program, whether they are federal, state, local, corporate, or private. Contact the Sponsored Projects Office to obtain further clarification on any matter related to grant management, from start to finish.

After a grant is awarded, Project Directors should carefully read through this Handbook and all grant documents. The grant documents will usually consist of the Request for Proposal (RFP), award letter or Grant Award Notice (GAN), and possibly a grant contract or agreement. Project Directors will need to become familiar with these documents to ensure that all federal, state and local regulations are complied with. The Handbook will help coordinate the role of the Project Director with that of the College and the granting agency, which will increase success and avoid unnecessary complications.

The Sponsored Project Office (formerly known as the Grants Office) greatly appreciates the assistance of all Santa Fe College employees who contributed to the development of this Handbook. The group’s dedication and commitment to a thoughtful and thorough development process benefit the entire College.

Note: The SF Sponsored Projects Handbook was originally modeled on the Miami Dade College Grant Award Guide, which was modeled on the Maricopa County Community College Grants Management Handbook, the Valencia College Grants Management Handbook, and the Lone Star College System Project Manager’s Guide. We acknowledge and thank these institutions for their contribution to this document. The SF Sponsored Projects Handbook has been customized and revised to conform to Santa Fe College’s business processes and to meet the needs of its use.

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